Yin Yoga Immersion, Level 1 with Alan Mileham E-RYT 500,Yacep @ Passage Studios, Calgary [from 5 to 7 October]

Yin Yoga Immersion, Level 1 with Alan Mileham E-RYT 500,Yacep

5 - 7
18:00 - 16:30

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Passage Studios
#200 - 524 11 Ave SW, Calgary, Alberta T2R 0C8
**In April 2015 Yoga Passage and I were pleased to be the first Yoga Studio in Calgary to offer a Yin Yoga Teacher Training. Since that time I have trained 216 Yoga Teachers, from Calgary and all over western Canada.

The next session of the Yin Yoga Immersion Level One, Fundamentals of Yin Yoga Teacher Training at Passage Studios with Alan Mileham, is on October 5 — 7 of 2018.

Has more & more Yoga Studios add Yin Yoga to their schedule, the demand for Trained Yin Yoga Teachers is ever increasing.

This Yin Yoga Immersion Teacher Training with Alan Mileham, focuses on developing a strong foundation with emphasis on the physical side of Yin Yoga. In my experience a strong foundation is the key to any Yoga Practice. We spend a lot of time on the three main benefits or principles of Yin Yoga, the physical, mental/mindfulness & energetics. I emphasize the difference between Yang & Yin Yoga as it relates to Yang & Yin Tissues in the body. Different types of tissues require different modalities of exercise.

These Yin Yoga TT'S are a blend of all the Yin Teacher Trainings that I've taken, with my Yin Yoga Teachers, Paul Grilley, Bernie Clark, Joe Barnett, Sarah Powers & Carly Forest.

WHAT IS YIN YOGA? Yin Yoga's roots come from the ancient Daoist Traditions of China. Yin Yoga has been around since the beginning of Yoga & is growing in popularity with all ages due to the rising demand of all forms of Yoga. A Traditional Yin Yoga class is a practice that will target tendons, ligaments & the fascia within the body. Each posture can be held anywhere from 3-5 minutes. This encourages the slow and safe opening of connective tissues. There are approximately three dozen Yin postures in total. In a 90 minute Traditional Yin class you can expect to do an average of a dozen postures. Yin classes are the perfect compliment to a more Yang or more active style of Yoga, such as Vinyasa, Power Yoga or Ashtanga classes. Although Yin is a more passive practice, it can also be quite challenging due to the length of times the postures are held.

Details: October 5 — 7/2018.
Friday, 6:00 — 9:00 pm.
Saturday and Sunday: October 6 & 7, 9:00- 4:30 pm.
Cost: $250.00 plus gst.
Location: Passage Studios, 534-11th Ave SW. Calgary.
Phone: 403-277-3058.

Over the course of the 16 Hour weekend, you will learn the Elements & Fundamentals of a Yin Yoga Practice, Modifications & the sequencing of a Yin Yoga Class. (Mindfulness Yin & The Meridians in Yin Yoga will be discussed over the course of the weekend).
Having completed this 16 Hour Yin TT, you should be completely comfortable to teach a Yin Yoga Class. The Yin TT'S with Alan, will include handouts of the class sequences learned in the Yin TT, other useful resources on Yin and a detailed chart of the Meridians. My goal in offering these Yin TT'S is for Teachers to have a better understanding of what Yin Yoga is about & to help Teachers be successful in teaching Yin Classes to their students!!!

Recommended & Suggested Books are listed below.
These are all excellent books to own, but if you just want one of them, then I always recommend Bernie Clark.

1. The Complete Guide To Yin Yoga, by Bernie Clark.
2. Insight Yoga, by Sarah Powers.
3. Yin Yoga, Principles & Practice, 10th Anniversary Edition, by Paul Grilley.

Who Would Benefit From This Yin Yoga TT?

This Yin Yoga Teacher Training is most beneficial to Yoga Teachers who want to teach Traditional Yin Yoga classes in a group environment or a Yoga Teacher who already teaches Yin & wants to develop & learn more or would like a refresher on Yin. There is now a greater interest in Yin Yoga coming from Practitioners & Students alike, who have a desire to learn more about Yin Yoga and it's benefits. Interest in Yin Yoga & Yin Yoga Trainings are becoming more common with RMT'S, Persoanl Trainers, Yoga Therapists, Athletes, & Yoga Students whose aim is to move more deeply into their own personal practice.

This Yin TT would qualify for 16 Contact Hours of CEC'S with Yoga Alliance, (USA).
*Please note that Yoga Alliance (USA) & Yoga Alliance (Canada) are not affiliated.

Alan is an Experienced Senior Yoga Teacher who has been teaching Yoga in Calgary since 2001. He has in access of 3000 Training Hours. He has been very fortunate to study and train with many Senior Yoga Teachers both locally and internationally. His Yoga teaching style is Flowing with an awareness of Alignment, with influences of Ashtanga and Iyengar. He has completed trainings with Senior Iyengar Teacher Ramanand Patel and Hart Lazer of United Yoga Montreal. Yoga Therapy Intensive with Susi Hately, Yogafit & Moksha Yoga. Alan's teaching philosophy is to flow with an awareness of alignment of the body, and that all styles of yoga are beneficial, just find the one that radiates with you. Alan is known for his detailed level of instruction, approachability, sense of humour, and non intimidating teaching style. You can find him teaching Vinyasa and Yin Yoga classes in Calgary:
Yoga Passage, (passagestudios.ca)
Moksha Yoga Calgary North, (calgary-north.mokshayoga.ca) Yoga Shala Calgary, (yogashalacalgary.com)
My Yoga Calgary, (myyogacalgary.com).

Alan is a highly trained Yin Yoga Teacher with over 350 Hours of completed Yin Yoga TT'S. He has trained 216 Yoga Teachers in this Level 1 Yin Yoga Immersion not only from Calgary, but many have attended from all over Western Canada.
His trainings include Yin Yoga Training with Bernie Clark, (yinyoga.com) and further Yin Yoga Teacher Trainings with Paul & Suzee Grilley, (paulgrilley.com) Carly Forest, (carlyforest.com) Level 1 and Advanced Level 2 with Joe Barnett (joebarnettyoga.com) a Mindfulness Yin Yoga Teacher Training in Vancouver in April/2015 with Sarah Powers of Insight Yoga, (sarahpowers.com). On a personal basis Alan has completed a Corporate Based Mindfulness Trainings (CBMT) with the Potential Project, (potentialproject.com) in Calgary. Alan completed a one week Meditation Revealed Teacher Training with Bernie Clark & Nathalie Keiller at Semperviva Yoga in November/2015. Alan attended Paul Grilley's 100 hour YYTT in May/2017 at the Land of Medicine Buddha in Soquel, California and most recently Paul Grilley's Unit 2 — Advanced Anatomy in July/2018. He looks forward to study further with Paul Grilley at his Unit 3, Chakra Theory and Meditation in July of 2019.

For more info and to register go to passagestudios.ca. This Yin Yoga TT at Passage Studios, is listed under Teacher Trainings, Advanced Training.
To contact Alan for any further inquiries, feel free to email Alan at [email protected] Thanks! Alan Mileham.


Alan's Yin Yoga Level One Immersion was inspiring, informative and fun! In this interactive workshop he combines a wealth of experience, knowledge, and awesome sense of humour to create a strong foundation for those interested in, or even just curious about Yin Yoga. He dispels some common myths and offers thoughtful insight to the practice. His passion is contagious. I will definately be enrolling in the next session, and I am excited for Level Two!
Kristen W. Yoga Teacher.

Hi Alan,
Taking Level 1 Yin Training was amazing and I feel so fortunate to have had the experience. Alan brings a wealth of knowledge and a witty, dry humour that makes the training such a joy to be part of. He has such a passion for the Yin practice and it is contagious. I can not wait for Level 2!!!
Thank you again for the excellent training Alan!
Danielle P. Yoga Teacher and RMT.

Hi Alan,
Thanks again for the great training and Chocolate!
Darryl B. Yoga Teacher.


Thanks so much for teaching this training. I have learned so much about Yin and about myself. I really loved the tests that we did. It has such an impact to see just how different we all are. I particularly fell in love with Wall Yin. You make people feel at ease and comfortable in your Yin TT. So happy to be back in Level 2 TT now.
Brandy R. Yoga Teacher

Alan Mileham's Yin Training was highly practical and applicable. Alan generously shares his expertise, insight, passion, patience, and humour with us as he graciously guides us to find our edge. I left with a deeper knowledge, confidence and understanding of the benefits of Yin. Thank you, Alan.
Adelina F. Yoga Teacher

Thanks so much for the weekend! I really enjoyed it and I am still digesting everything we learned.
Jacqueline R. Yoga Teacher

What a wonderful course!!! I thouroughly enjoyed my introduction to teaching Yin! Thanks for a most enjoyable weekend.
Melissa S. Yoga Teacher

Thanks for the great informative weekend! I feel so much more prepared to teach yin!
Ayla T. Yoga Teacher

I'm really happy I took the time out of my busy schedule to study Yin Yoga Level One with Alan Mileham. I found it beneficial for my own personal practice as well as what I want to teach and share in my classes. Taking this advanced Teacher Training gave me the confidence again to start teaching more frequently. Alan was able to get a lot of insightful information in a short period while also providing us with Yin Classes each day. It was very clear Alan is very passionate about teaching Yin Yoga and provided us with lots of materials and books to use for resources. I can't wait to take Yin Yoga Level Two with Alan.
Erica L. Yoga Teacher


I thoroughly enjoyed the Yin Yoga Level One TT and am looking forward to Level Two Yin Training. Yin has always appealed to me and your reputation preceded you as a facilitator of Yin TT'S. I wanted to stay in Calgary....I wanted to learn from someone with a lot of knowledge and experience and I knew that Yoga Passage had a solid reputation in the community. My Yoga mentors speak very highly of you and I was already aware of you from the Heavens days. I researched a few possibilities for training but your classes always stood out as the best fit for me. I left the weekend feeling totally uplifted, stretched out and it confirmed that my yoga journey is moving forward in a timely fashion. Thank you for the laughter and love. The Lindt chocolate in Wall Yin was a sweet bonus.
Mary F. Yoga Teacher.

Thank you Alan! I thouroughly enjoyed the Yin TT. I have only taken about 4 Yin yoga classes and 3 out of the 4 I went away with an injury. I was really interested in what I was doing wrong. I know now I was engaging in the poses instead of softening and likely coming out of the poses too strongly. I really enjoyed all the information and the practices, and your sense of humour was an added bonus. I plan to take Level Two in February. Thank you again.
Brenda B. Yoga Teacher

I can't believe how much I got out of your Yin training. Yin makes makes so much more sense to me now.
Amie O. Yoga Teacher.

Alan does a wonderful job of teaching the fundamentals/elements of Yin Yoga, providing a good understanding of how to create a safe practice for students and an in depth look at Yin Yoga and it's many benefits. Great training! Melinda G. Yoga Teacher.

Thank YOU for such an awesome weekend. I learned a lot and it was very enjoyable as well. I truly appreciated your sense of humour throughout. Even though I had never taken a Yin class before, I felt compelled to register somehow, like there was this voice inside me telling me to do so. I am so glad I did.
Thanks again! Irena S. Yoga and Prenatal Teacher.

Thank you Alan, I really enjoyed the training and I look forward to taking Level 2 in February. Shawna Z. Yoga Teacher.

Thanks so much for a great Yin weekend!
Viona L. Yoga Teacher.

Thank you for being so supportive Alan. See you in your Yin Two Training. Clara K. Yoga Teacher.


Thank you so much for the amazing Yin Training. It was life changing for me. I love challenging my mind & really felt a connection to Yin as I grief & find ways to mourn. It has been wonderful in my healing.
L.L.R. Yoga Teacher.

I wanted to take a moment & say THANK YOU for the oportunity to share space with you last weekend & learn from you, it was such a priviledge. The course was fantastic, & I was able to take away so much that I will integrate into my Yoga program, for Calgary First Responders. I was contemplating a few different Yin TT'S, but I felt really drawn to your description about your personal experience & the reviews from previous students — I was sold. I don't have a single doubt I chose the right program. Thank you for sharing your knowledge, your experience & your «authentic self» with the class. Shanda H. Yoga Teacher.

Thank you so much for this weekend. I really enjoyed the class & I loved your suggestion about connecting the postures to the elements, seasons, meridians etc. Rachel O. Yoga Teacher, BSc., & MBA.

Thank you so much for an amazing weekend! I really enjoyed it & made some wonderful new friends. Rachel P. Yoga Teacher.

Thank you for a fantastic weekend, Alan! I learned so much from you. With all your training & knowledge, there's no where else I would have considered taking the training! Thank you again. Megan M. Yoga Teacher.

Thank you again for putting all your effort & time into creating this fantastic training course for us. You are truly a gift to the yoga community! You have inspired me to progress my knowledge within Yin Yoga as it has so many benefits to improving & sustaining our lives. Kim F. Yoga Teacher


Thank you Alan for a great weekend. I'm excited to continue the Yin path. Your weekend was so informative & well planned. I learned so much & enjoyed every moment. I feel like I found my spot with Yin & I'm looking forward to learning more. Alan made me feel competent & welcomed. Thank you so much! With gratitude, Amy H. Yoga Instructor.

Thanks so much for the training, it was excellent. I learned a lot. I've used a lot of what you talked about and have been able to use it in my classes since. It's helped to enhance my classes, so Thank You! One last thing, my Dad has agreed to come to try Yin classes which is very exciting! He might also bring along his other stiff friend Mike! Thanks again! Anna K. Yoga Instructor.


Thank you for this past weekend. I loved your easy & open way of teaching as well as keeping it fairly straightforward as there were so many levels of experience & knowledge in the class. It's great to see so many young women empowering themsleves with this type of knowledge. Thersa S. Yoga Instructor.

Today I felt like I had been on a mini-retreat this past weekend — it was a great training! Well organized & thought out. I really liked how you kept us on task so things didn't get side tracked as can often happen in trainings. Nancy H. Yoga Teacher.

Thank you so much for teaching us. It was a true blessing.
Laurel Van S. Yoga Teacher.

Thank you for offering a great training. It has definately rekindled my interest in Yin. I can't wait to start incorporating more Yin into my classes. I also appreciate how well you stayed on task & stuck to the intinery. Thanks! Kerry W. Yoga Teacher & RMT.

Thank you so much for this weekend, it was absolutely amazing. I loved the welcoming, open, honest feel of the training & your touch of humour was great! Amanda H. Yoga Teacher.

Thank you so much for such an interesting & inspiring weekend! I found the handouts effective & helpful, the class format to move along well & appreciated the time to practice teach each day. Korina K. Yoga Teacher.

I loved the workshop & decided to take it because I thoroughly enjoy your classes at Yoga Passage. You are a wealth of information & I found that I picked up a lot of knowledge even outside the spectrum of Yin. I really like the fact that your Yin classes are more balanced. Continued sucess to you & thank you for a fabulous weekend. Annette A. Yoga Teacher.

THANK YOU for this weekend, I definately fell more in love with Yin over the weekend. I feel it in my body (hips, lower back all in a good way) and know I need it more now. Marzena W. Yoga Teacher.

Thanks again Alan! Enjoyed your sense of humour. The structure and the length of the weekend. Learning about the mental benefits of Yin Yoga.Tons of great info & references. Great explanation of the tendons versus joints. Alan made this Yin TT more clear & concise. My kidney meridian is feeling amazing today! Jennifer Z. Yoga Teacher.

Thanks to you for offering this training & give us the opportunity to learn from you as much as we can of your knowledge & experience. I believe your class is fantastic, you are funny & serious when needs to be. I feel that you have a lot of knowledge & experiences, you attend many trainings & workshops & I admire your dedication. The training was great, the hours perfect. Mercedes S. Yoga Teacher.

Thank you Alan, I found the Yin training quite useful & I have attended your classes in the past so was actively seeking training in this field. Adita J. Yoga Teacher

Thank you for a great weekend. I learned a ton & look forward to exploring this style of teaching. Cheryl. G. Yoga Teacher.

Thank you for a fantastic weekend! You run a tight ship & keep the class on task all the time. I loved that. Time is valuable & you kept us engaged & focused. It was obvious to me that you are organized & very professional. As someone who has spent thousands of dollars in Yoga trainings over the last few years I really respect this. Your humour kept things light throughout the weekend....and I especially enjoyed Grandpa Easter Bunny & the chocolates. I found you to be an excellent instructor. You are clear & concise in your cueing, & I was able to really enjoy an open-eyed meditative state as I moved through your yang flow. Jenna S. Yoga Teacher.

I want to begin by saying my deepest thank you for your time, knowledge & energy this past Yin Yoga Intensive TT weekend.
It was an honour to have the chance to learn from someone like yourself. Your patience & understanding with delivering so much informaton in a moderately short period of time with your fun, welcoming attitude made learning about Yin Yoga a pleasure. I was led to your training by a good friend of mine who attended your Yin TT last year. Thank you for your onging support, & authentic desire to help create the Yoga Teachers of the future. Sarah M. Yoga Teacher.

I really appreciated the opportunity to take your Yin training. I haven't been in a «Yoga Bubble» since my week long intensive with David Swenson a couple of years ago — need to have more yoga bubbles! Again thank you for the training — was a pleasure to be in your class. Kelsay R. Yoga Teacher.


Thank you for running the Yin Yoga Intensive TT! It was great! My Yin class went really well & the students really enjoyed it. It sure goes by super fast while teaching a Yin class! I have been doing my own Yin practice at home & have found it to be quite helpful! Thank you again! Angie L. Yoga Teacher.

Another great class, learned a lot & enjoyed a lot of YIN Yoga! What a great weekend!!! Todd S. Yoga Teacher.

Had a great weekend of Yinning it up at Yoga Passage's Yin Yoga Intensive TT with Alan Mileham. Body feels great & brain full of Yin Yoga knowledge. Thanks to you Alan, my head feels much heavier with all that knowledge. April S. Yoga Teacher.

Thanks again for facilitating a fabulous Yin workshop. I am so grateful around your integrity regarding adherence to the schedule, both from a time standpoint and fulfilling on the agenda objectives. Sadly a rare commodity in the yoga community in my own experience. I commend you for your approach to this aspect of the training. I left feeling that my time and investment were completely honoured. Thank you for that! I have been teaching Yang/Yin for almost a year and the information you imparted was absolutely invaluable, not just from a teaching perspective, but also because I manage a yoga studio and so much information applied to the business aspect of yoga as well. The Yin TT was fabulous and I will be recommending it to others that have expressed an interest. Your sense of humour and story telling abilities made your presentation style highly entertaining. I have ordered Bernie's book and a clock! With gratitude for all your wisdom and the willingness to share it. Leanna L. Yoga Teacher & Yoga Studio Manager

It was a great weekend! I have been reading Bernie's book for the last two years. I read it once cover to cover and started again a few months ago, and have been practicing the Yin poses too but your training really brought it all together for me personally and as a teacher. The pace was perfect and supplemented nicely with time for us to practice teach as well as enjoy the classes with you. I feel ready to teach Yin now so on Thursday I'm going to teach a Yang/Yin class based on my learnings this weekend!
Sally R. Yoga Teacher.

TESTIMONIALS: from the March/2015 Yin TT.

The Yin TT helped bring clarity & I feel confident teaching others because of that. Thanks for a fun, honest, & educational weekend. I am so glad a spot opened up for me. I also enjoyed the practice teaching part of it. Donna D. Yoga Teacher.

It was wonderful learning from you Alan, I wanted to extend the training for another week! I liked the structure & instruction style you did at the training. It made everything flow smoothly. Michelle D. Yoga Teacher.

Just finished teaching my first Yin class & all my students loved it! Thanks again for a great weekend of learning. Alan's Yin TT was amazing! Janet C. Yoga Teacher.

What do you do after Yin TT? Try it out on your Dancers, of course! Thanks again for a great weekend! Lauren R. Yoga Teacher.

Thank you Alan for a great weekend of Yin & chocolate! Highly recommend this Yin TT! Kelly M. Yoga Teacher.
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